Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Evangeliad (21:1-7)

Section 21:1-7 (corresponding to Mark 7:31-37)
Then out Jesus went, back to Galilee,
Back to the villages there by the sea,
Then further down, to Decapolis' way,
Beyond which the hills of Samaria lay.
There by Decapolis, where lived the Greeks,
They brought him a man without hearing or speech,
And begged Christ to heal, to lay on his hands,
To show mercy to the deaf and mute man.
So Jesus drew him away from the crowd,
And knowing that he couldn't hear any sound,
Christ used no words to explain his intent,
But he healed with gentle touches instead. 
Wetting his fingers, he touched the man's ears,
And then the man's tongue, and then up he peered,
Up to the heavens, and sighed as he prayed,
Then in Aramaic, he spoke this phrase:
"Ephphatha!" ("Be opened!") Jesus called out;
The man looked up, startled--he'd heard the shout!
His tongue was loosed, and he spoke with ease;
The touch of Jesus had healed his disease.
Jesus entreated the man and the crowd
Not to spread word of the healing around;
But the more he charged them, the more they would tell,
Saying, "This man, he does everything well!
The deaf he makes hear; the speechless can talk!
This man has the healing power of God!"
So the word about Christ continued to spread,
And hearers would marvel at what had been said.

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