Wednesday, May 05, 2021

The Evangeliad (20:46-58)

Section 20:46-58 (corresponding to Matt. 15:21-28; Mark 7:24-30)
Then away Jesus went, up from Galilee,
To where Tyre and Sidon sat by the sea.
He came in secret and entered a house,
Yet soon the news was in every mouth.
A Syro-Phoenician, of Canaanite birth,
A woman descended from peoples accursed,
Heard about Jesus and ran to his side,
In faith that would shame all Israel's pride.
Her daughter was seized by a spirit within,
So hearing of Jesus, she rushed to find him.
"Have mercy on me, O Lord, David's son!
Deliver my girl from her affliction!"
At first Jesus answered not even a word;
The disciples saw this and went to the Lord,
Assuming he had resolved to ignore
The woman and all the help she implored.
"Just send her away," they said unto Christ,
"Or else she won't stop with all of these cries."
And Jesus replied just as they'd expect:
"To Israel's sheep alone I was sent."
But to send the woman away, he did not,
So closer still she struggled and fought.
"Help me, my Lord, have mercy on me!"
She cried as she fell down at Jesus' feet.
Jesus looked at her, did not turn away,
And said what she would expect him to say:
"It's not proper to throw the children's bread
To the dogs 'neath the table where they are fed."
"No," said the woman with impassioned reply,
"But the dogs may lick up the crumbs where they lie
When from the children's table they fall,
For the same bread is food for one and for all!"
"Woman, how great is the faith that you've shown!
What you ask will be done; in peace you may go."
Thus then did Jesus send her away;
Her daughter was healed that very same day. 

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