Wednesday, April 07, 2021

The Evangeliad (20:23-28)

Section 20:23-28 (corresponding to Mark 7:8-13; Matt. 15:3-6)

"Consider," said Jesus, "this His command,
Written in Law, as if by His hand: 
'You must honor your father and your mother'--
So he commanded you, not another!
And recall where it says, 'If you revile
Your father or mother, death is required.'
Yet in the face of the Law's clearest words,
You use tradition to dodge what you've heard!
For you say this: if a man should report
To his parents that all the care and support
Normally offered to them from his hand
Will be devoted instead to his plan
To render offerings unto the Lord--
That this is in keeping with the Law's word!
Don't you say so? And then you forbid
That man from helping his parents with it!
Thus for the sake of human tradition, 
You sully the Law's clear admonition.
Man's interpretation you would apply
To make the command of our God a lie!"

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