Wednesday, February 03, 2021

The Evangeliad (19:35-41)

Section 19:35-41 (corresponding to John 6:41-47)

Some of those listening grumbled at Christ,
Jews who had heard his words with surprise,
When he claimed himself as the bread of heaven,
The very bread the Father had given.

"Isn't this Joseph's son?" they asked each other.
"And don't we all know his father and mother?
How then can he say, 'from heaven I've come'?"
But Jesus answered and said unto them:

"Do not start murmuring amongst yourselves--
I've told you the truth, and nothing else.
None come to me but the Father has drawn,
And I'll raise them up when the last day dawns.

Recall what the prophets said: 'All shall be taught
By God himself.' So those hearing from God,
And learning from Him, they all come to me--
So come and be taught; yes, come and believe!

Though hearing, though taught, no one has seen--
No one has seen the Father but me!
Truly, truly, I tell you," said Christ,
"The one who believes has eternal life!"

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