Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Evangeliad (14:37-44)

Section 14:37-44 (corresponding to Lk. 12:54-56; Mt. 12:22-23; Mk. 6:30-31)

When in the west you see clouds appear,
You know straightaway that rain will be here;
The south wind brings heat, red evenings turn fair,
At a crimson dawn you know to beware.

You hypocrites, tell me, how can it be
That the signs of earth and sky you can read,
But you can't interpret the clearest signs
To help you recognize the present time?"

The multitudes heard, saw the signs he would do--
As in healing a man both sightless and mute--
And they asked each other, "Could he be the One?
Messiah-king, David's long-promised son?"

Then back from their journeys the disciples came, 
Having healed the sick and the kingdom proclaimed.
They told Christ their stories, the things they had done,
The works God had wrought while their labors went on.

The place around them was thick with the crowds,
With no place to eat or even sit down;
Christ said, "Come with me to a place all alone,
There to find rest for your body and soul."

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