Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Evangeliad (14:9-14)

Section 14:9-14 (corresponding to Luke 7:31-35; Matt. 11:16-19)

Oh, this generation--what are they like?
Like children at market, shouting outright,
Calling their friends: 'We sang and you danced not;
Loudly we cried, but to weep you forgot.'

John, he came fasting from bread and from wine,
And you said, 'He has demons there in his mind.'
But the Son of Man comes; he eats and he drinks;
And what in your judgment do you start to think?--

'Behold this glutton, this drinker of wine,
Surrounded by sinners all of the time!'
Yet justified still wisdom will be,
Proved right by her children and by her deeds."

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