Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Evangeliad (13:27-29)

Section 13:27-29 (corresponding to Matt. 10:40-42Mark 9:41)

So when you go forth, recall what I speak;
And whoever receives you, receives me.
Yes, even more still: the one who receives
Gives welcome to God, the One who sent me.

So go out and bless those who receive;
For whoever receives a prophet will be
Blessed in receiving a prophet's reward
For showing respect for his name and his word.

In the very same way, the one who receives
A righteous person for what they believe--
The welcomer too shall be righteousness' heir
For the kindnesses they exhibited there.

And if one should give a cup of cold water
Unto a little one, God's son or daughter,
Simply because they go bearing my name,
Their due reward will forever remain."

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