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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Evangeliad (1:57-67)

Section 1:57-67 (corresponding to Luke 1:56-66)

Three months Mary stayed with Elizabeth,
Then made her way home, to Nazareth.
And Elizabeth's time to bear had come:
She brought forth her promised, prophesied son.

Her neighbors and relatives all rejoiced
In hearing about this baby boy.
Then the eighth day came, the naming-day:
They thought 'Zechariah' should be his name.

"Not so!" she said, "For his name must be John!"
"But then how will his father's name live on?"
They asked Zechariah to show his choice
For granting a name to his baby boy.

He signed for a slate, and wrote thereupon:
"My newborn son's name, it shall be John."
Then could he speak, for the first time in months,
For he persevered in obedience.

The neighbors exclaimed at this wondrous sight,
And the news of it spread both far and wide.
"What then will this baby boy be?" they asked.
"Surely the Lord has laid on him a task."

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