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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Evangeliad (1:77-81)

And you, my child, a prophet shall be,
Announcing a holy theophany,
Going before and preparing the way
For he who is coming to love and to save.

Salvation's dawning! Yes, this you'll proclaim:
Forgiveness of sins in God's holy name.
He is our mercy, and in His sweet grace,
God's own compassion shall brighten our ways. 

God cares for us! He appears from on high,
Shining on those who in shadow do lie,
Breaking death's darkness and setting our feet
On pathways that lead us into his peace."

The young prophet grew, Spirit-empowered,
Awaiting the advent of God's chosen hour.
He dwelt in the desert up till the day
When he was sent out to ready the way. 

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