Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Evangeliad (1:68-76)

Then old Zechariah, Spirit-filled, said:
"May our God be blessed, for He has led
His people Israel with greatest care,
And has wrought salvation for those He bears!

Yes, just as He spoke through prophets of old,
He has raised up for us, from David's fold,
The horn of salvation, mighty and true,
From enemies rescuing me and you.

His mercy remains from our fathers' days,
For faithful is He in all of His ways:
Upholding the holy covenants old--
The blessings He spoke, the promises told.

For to Abraham's seed He swore that He
Would a mighty and glorious Savior be,
So that we might serve him all of our days
In justice and peace and unending praise.

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