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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The Evangeliad (1:6-14)

 Section 1:6-14 (corresponding to Luke 1:5-13)

In ancient days, when Herod ruled the land,
There was a priest, a true and righteous man;
He, Zachariah, with his faithful wife,
Did walk in God's commandments all his life.

They barren were of children, but not faith,
For they were fruitful in the work of grace.
These two were old, in age and ministry,
Yet still discharged their duties faithfully.

And now it came to Zachariah's turn:
To enter in the Temple, there to burn
The holy incense while he knelt in prayer;
And as he did, an angel met him there.

The angel stood beside the burning flame,
And in a voice of power, spoke his name:
"O Zachariah, do not be afraid!
The gracious Lord has heard the words you prayed!

Elizabeth your wife will have a son--
Born unto you, though nature's years are done!
By God's own will this miracle takes form;
And you must name him John when he is born."

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