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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Evangeliad (1:25-28)

Section 1:25-28 (corresponding to Luke 1:24-27)

The Lord was true; Elizabeth conceived:
The answer to their prayers they now received.
And in her seclusion she praised her God:
Relieved from shame, and wonderstruck, and awed.

Six months went by, and then another sign:
The timeless dawning of appointed time.
Gabriel the messenger came once more,
To tell of the mys'tries God had in store.

This visitation came to Galilee,
To Nazareth, in hills between the seas;
Where dwelt the virgin Mary, full of grace,
Whose faith would bear the hope of all our race.

The man she was to marry, Joseph named,
Was of the line of David’s royal fame:
A kingly man who had no crown was he,
Who lived and worked with honest dignity.

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