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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Evangeliad (1:19-24)

Section 1:19-24 (corresponding to Luke 1:18-23)

Then answering this,  Zachariah said,
“Tell me, how can this be? My youth has fled!
My wife Elizabeth is aged too;
Oh, how can I know what you say is true?”

And thus said the angel to his reply:
"I myself serve before the Lord Most High.
Gabriel my name, who speaks unto you:
A word from God can be nothing but true.

So from this day forth you shall speechless be,
Yes, until you behold the prophecy;
For you have distrusted God’s chosen way,
But know it shall be, despite your unfaith.”

Outside the Temple the crowd wondered why
The aged priest tarried so long inside.
Then out he appeared, but now void of speech:
No, he could not pray, and he could not teach.

Perhaps he had seen a vision in there,
But whatever it was, he could not share.
He completed his work of ministry,
Then went back to his home, to wait in peace.

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