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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Evangeliad (1:15-18)

Section 1:15-18 (corresponding to Luke 1:14-17)

Rejoice! Be glad at the birth of this boy,
For then shall the many have radiant joy!
John will be great in the eyes of the Lord,
Devoted to Him in deed and in word.

The sign of his calling here shall be told:
The Nazirite’s way, as in days of old.
Not wine nor strong drink will pass by his lips;
This rule shall he keep as long as he lives.

The Spirit of God upon him shall fall,
While yet he is growing, silent and small:
In Elizabeth’s womb, there shall he be
Made ready to bear holy prophecy.

Far have the children of Israel strayed;
This is the mission that on him is laid:
To turn them back from their wanderings vain,
That they may walk in the Lord’s holy name.

And he shall be like Elijah of old:
In spirit and power, forthright and bold;
He’s going before, and making the way
For he who will come to love and to save.

Yes, John will unite your fathers with sons,
And draw back to wisdom the wayward ones,
That he may prepare and show to the Lord
A people made ready, cleansed and restored.”

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