Wednesday, January 06, 2021

The Evangeliad (19:14-19)


Section 19:14-19 (corresponding to Mark 6:54-56; John 6:22-25)

When the region's people heard Jesus was there,
They came out in droves, from far and from near;
They brought out the sick to line Jesus' way,
Carried on pallets and beds where they lay.

All through the markets, alongside the streets,
They waited in each place Jesus would be,
Hoping to touch just the edge of his cloak--
And touching, were healed, and went to their homes.

Now the multitude present there at the spot
Where the feeding with loaves and fishes was wrought
Had learned that Christ was not there anymore,
Despite having sent his disciples before.

So getting in boats, they sailed to the north,
To Capernaum-town, near Bethsaida's shore.
And finding Jesus, they all crowded close,
Saying, "How did you get here? When did you go?"

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