Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Evangeliad (18:11-18)

Section 18:11-18 (corresponding to Mark 6:21-29)

But that changed at King Herod's birthday feast,
With official guests he was eager to please.
Herodias had a daughter most fair,
Who danced for Herod and his guests in there.

The daughter delighted the crowd with her dance,
And King Herod himself, fully entranced,
Vowed to give her anything she might ask,
Of his kingdom's value, up to even half.

So she went out to where her mother sat,
And gave her the question: "What should I ask?"
This answered, she went back inside and said,
"I want, on a platter, John the Baptist's head."

Then the king regretted his hasty vow,
But Herod could not go back on it now--
He had sworn an oath, and his guests had heard,
So reluctantly, the king gave the word.

Then John was beheaded there in his cell,
And his severed head was brought in the hall,
Set on a platter, which the girl received,
Then brought it out for her mother to see.

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