Wednesday, October 07, 2020

The Evangeliad (18:1-10)

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Section 18:1-10 (corresponding to Mt. 14:1-5; Mk. 6:14-20)

King Herod the tetrarch (old Herod's son)
Had heard of the things that Jesus had done,
And how some had called him a prophet like John--
The Baptist himself, or Elijah reborn.

For Herod had killed John, but now was afraid
That in Christ his spirit was back from the grave
To do mighty works and have his revenge--
This fear Herod whispered to servants and friends.

For this is the tale of how John was killed,
After his jailing by Herod's own will,
For speaking in public against Herod's crime
Of wedding his own brother Philip's wife.

And that wife, Herodias, reviled John,
Wanting to kill him for what he had done.
But Herod held off because of his fear
That if John were killed, the people would hear--

For holy and righteous was John himself,
And counted a prophet by everyone else.
So Herod kept his imprisoned seer safe,
And would listen, perplexed, to what he would say.

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