Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Evangeliad (15:45-50)

Section 15:45-50 (corresponding to Luke 14:28-33)

For if you wanted to build up a tower,
Wouldn't you pause, at least for an hour,
To count up expenses and see if you have
Enough to finish a project like that?

Or else, deciding to build, you then lay
The foundation, but can't continue that way,
Won't all who see it laugh and make jests:
'They started, but can't complete it themselves!'

Imagine a king about to face war:
Would he march out to battle with a smaller force,
Or make peace with the larger army's king?
At the very least, he'd consider the thing!

And so you should all consider this now--
If you would follow me, I'll tell you how:
Renounce everything and take up your cross,
Or you cannot be my disciple," Christ taught.

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