Wednesday, June 03, 2020

The Evangeliad (15:42-44)

Section 15:42-44 (corresponding to Luke 14:25-27)

Vast throngs of people were following Christ,
So he taught about discipleship's price:
"Unless you are willing to give up your all,
You cannot answer discipleship's call.

Whoever comes unto me, yet does not
By contrast hate everything that he's got--
Parents and sisters and brothers and wife,
And children, too; still more, his own life,

He cannot be my disciple: for this--
This is what true discipleship is:
To love all such things within, not apart
From the infinite love of your master's heart.

Such love will trust, even sacrifice,
As Abraham's son on the altar lies!
So if you won't take up your cross after me,
You won't be able my disciple to be.

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