Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Evangeliad (14:28-36)

Section 14:28-36 (corresponding to Mk. 3:28-29; Mt. 12:31-36)

Yet whatever sins that you may commit,
Whatever blasphemies fall from your lips,
There is forgiveness, endless and grand,
Even if you're maligning the Son of Man.

But forgiveness, there's none, if you should blaspheme
Against the Spirit at work in my deeds--
God's own Holy Spirit, that's who you malign;
That sin shall remain for now and all time.

For nothing's lost or of no consequence,
Not even a word said in idleness--
All people will give account of such things
On the Judgment Day, before God the King.

The fruit of the tongue is the heart's overflow:
Whether good tree or bad, the fruit will show;
So you will be justified by what you speak,
Or by the same measure, condemned by your speech.

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