Wednesday, March 04, 2020

The Evangeliad (14:15-23)

Section 14:15-23 (corresponding to Lk. 11:14-20; Mt. 12:22-28; Mk. 3:22-26)

A bit later on, a mute man approached;
And when Christ had healed, then the man spoke.
To heal him, Jesus had cast out a spirit,
And all the multitudes marveled to hear it.

The Pharisees, they also heard, and they said,
"This man has no power to cast out--instead,
The chief of the demons, Beelzebul,
Is in him and gives him pow'r to expel."

Still others demanded a sign from Christ,
To test if he would perform in their sight.
But Jesus, he knew the thoughts in their minds,
And in parabled answers, made this reply:

"Any kingdom that stands against itself
Will reap desolation instead of wealth;
And a house that's divided cannot stand:
No, it tumbles broken into the sand.

But if then a demon casts demons out,
He is standing against himself, no doubt!
If so, he will fall, and his end will come;
Yes, his kingdom will be quickly undone.

Yet you had said I can only expel
Demons by the power of Beelzebul!
If that is so, then by what demon foul
Do your own sons cast their demons out?

Beware how you judge such matters, my friends,
Or else they will be your judge in the end.
But if by the Spirit of God I have pow'r,
Then the kingdom is near; this is its hour!

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