Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Evangeliad (13:44-14:1)

Section 13:44-14:1 (corresponding to Luke 7:24-28; Matt. 11:7-11)

After John's followers turned and were gone,
Christ spoke to the gathered crowds about John:
"What did you go to the desert to see?
A wind-shaken reed? No? What did you see?

A man arrayed in the softest of clothes?
I'll tell you where you would find some of those--
The king's palaces hold such finery,
Herodian courts stuffed with luxury.

You went not to see such things. What then?
A prophet, the lowest and highest of men?
Indeed, and more than a prophet, I say,
For John is the one the Scriptures proclaimed:

'I'm sending my messenger before you appear,
To prepare the way for you to draw near.'
Believe what I say, for truly I speak:
None born of women is greater than he.

Yet now God does something new in my name,
Something of which John could only proclaim;
So the least of all in the kingdom of God
Shall be greater than all the greatness of John."

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