Wednesday, February 05, 2020

The Evangeliad (13:36-43)

Section 13:36-43 (Mark 6:12-13Matt. 11:2-6Luke 7:18-23)

The disciples went out, preaching good news
Among the cities and towns of the Jews;
They cast demons out, anointed to heal,
And then for repentance made their appeal.

Word of these things reached the ears of John's friends,
Those who had watched him go baptizing when
He had been free; but as he sat now in jail,
They came and of Jesus' work told the tale.

Then hearing these things, John sent them back out,
Out to find Jesus and ask him about
The things Messiah would do and would be,
And then to confirm it truly was he.

The disciples of John asked this of Christ
After beholding him heal and work signs:
"Are you the one who is coming, asks John,
Or should we expect still another one?"

So Christ answered them, "Go back and tell John
Of what you have heard, what you've seen been done:
The blind are receiving their sight, the lame walk,
The deaf, they can hear, the mute, they can talk--

The lepers are cleansed, the dead live again,
And the poor have good news preached unto them.
The kingdom the prophets foretold, it is come:
Blessed are those who don't turn from the Son!"

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