Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Evangeliad (12:42-47)

Section 12:42-47 (corresponding to Luke 9:1-2; Matthew 10:5-8)

Then Christ called all of the Twelve to his side,
Preparing to send them out far and wide.
He granted to them his authority
Over all demons and over disease.

And two by two he sent them all out,
Healing the sick and proclaiming aloud
The advent of the kingdom of God
In every place in which they would walk.

"Go not this day to the Samaritans,
Nor to the Gentiles," he said unto them.
"To Israel's lost sheep go out today,
To the sons and daughters of Abraham's faith.

And in every place you go, you should say:
'The kingdom of heaven is near you today!'
This good news of God's joy your message is,
As the love of His kingdom you freely give.

So heal the sick, and the lepers cleanse,
Cast out any demons that stand against.
Freely you have received all from me,
So let your giving to others be free!

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