Wednesday, November 06, 2019

The Evangeliad (12:33-39)

Section 12:33-39 (corresponding to Matt. 9:27-33)

As Jesus was going along his way,
Two men, both blind, began calling his name.
“O Son of David, have mercy!” they cried,
“Have mercy on us, O healer, O Christ!”

“Do you believe I can do this?” he asked.
“Lord, we believe!” they earnestly gasped.
Then Jesus reached out and made this reply
While gently he laid his hands on their eyes:

“As you have believed, then so shall it be.”
They opened their eyes, and both men could see.
Christ said, “Tell no one what happened to you.”
But they went and they told, till everyone knew.

Later a mute man was brought before Christ,
Prevented from speech by a spirit inside.
But Jesus healed, sent the spirit away,
And the man could speak from that very day.

The multitudes marveled at what had been done,
And news of it spread from village to town:
“Never before have we seen things like this—
God does something new in Israel’s midst!”

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