Thursday, September 13, 2018

Come and See: A Pilgrimage Memoir

In April of 2018, I undertook a brief pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It was made possible by the grace and generosity of my church and my family, who let me slip away for a couple weeks in the lull after the busy Easter season. Each Thursday, I'll be posting a section of my reflections on that trip. It is an attempt to capture, in my rather clumsy way, the essence of that experience--not merely the places I visited, but the spiritual journey that my pilgrimage eventually became. It may not be of interest to anyone besides myself, but, really, that's the underlying premise of this entire blog. The names of my fellow pilgrims have been changed, but otherwise the account is exactly as it happened. All photos that appear in the series are my own. Links to all published posts from this memoir will appear below.

The Shape of the Journey
Leaving Home 
My First Glimpse of Israel 
Birds and Guides 
A Confession
Strolling through Jaffa
A Piece of Maine in Tel Aviv 
A Sunrise Walk along the Waves 
Two Marvels by the Sea
Praying with Eusebius 
Praising and Pausing in Caesarea 
Up to Nazareth 
The Place It All Began 
The Basilica of the Annunciation 
I Cried Out, and He Answered Me 
A Celebration in Cana 
A Resting-Place for My Soul 
The View from the Mountain 
The Garden of Beatitude 
The Bread of Life 
Do You Love Me? 
The Scene of Our Lord's Signs 
Finding Shelter in His Glory 
Daring to Follow Fully 
The Day of Desolations 
The Consolations of His Grace 
Sunday Morning Joy 
Bridges of Faith and Love 
The Call of the Ascetic Way 
The Joy of All Generations 
The Church of Jesus' Sorrow 
The Winged Messengers of God 
My Bethlehem Backstory 
The City of the Lowly 
In the Middle of a Miracle 
Zion's Hope Fulfilled 
Down into the Darkness 
Of Doves and Tongues of Flame
The Way the Temple Faced
Paralyzed on the Steps to Healing
In the Halls of My Heroes 
Taking Up My Cross
The Sorrow of Golgotha
The Promise of Resurrection
Wings above the Wall
Jesus Came with a Wild Surprise
The Center of the World
The Road Home, and Onward

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