Wednesday, August 02, 2017

The Evangeliad (2:1-4)

Section 2:1-4 (corresponding to Matthew 1:18-21)

Now this was the birth of Jesus the Lord,
Full incarnation of God's holy Word:
Mary his mother to Joseph was pledged,
But she began bearing before they were wed.

And Joseph, a man of character set,
Wherein compassion and righteousness met,
Made resolution to quietly part,
And no further shame to Mary impart.

After resolving this heartbroken plan,
An angel of God made visit to him,
And spoke in a dream: "Oh, be not afraid!
Let not appearances leave you dismayed!

Thou, Son of David, listen to me:
Your wife bears not shame, but divinity!
The son she conceived is born from above:
He who is coming to save and to love!

Take your beloved, and marry her still:
Thus shall the will of the Lord be fulfilled.
When he is born, call him Jesus by name,
For he from their sins God's people will save."

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