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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The Evangeliad (1:29-34)

Section 1:29-34 (corresponding to Luke 1:28-33)

Thus came the angel Gabriel to her,
And there she heard the unimagined word:
“The Lord greets thee, thou richly favored one,
Beloved Mother of the endless Son!

The Lord himself is with you, strong to save,
And He has made you blessed in all your ways!”
But Mary, troubled at these shocking words,
Wondered at the mysteries they inferred.

“Fear not,” said the angel, with greatest joy,
“You shall conceive, and have a baby boy!
You then will give him ‘Jesus’ as his name,
For this is he who comes to love and save.

Yes, great shall he be, and glorious too;
The Son of God Most High is born to you!
The Lord your God will give him David’s throne,
And he shall reign o’er all the world alone.

Yes, Jacob’s house to him their knees shall bend,
And of his kingdom there will be no end!”
Then Mary spoke, and in her humble grace,
Inquired as to how this would take place.

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